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Security forces in Tunisia arrest two MPs from party opposed to president’s consolidation of power
Tunisian security forces have arrested two MPs from an Islamist party opposed to a power grab by President Kais Saied,...
[France 24] 01/08/2021
Rescue ships pull almost 400 migrants from overcrowded boat off Tunisia
Two humanitarian rescue ships pulled 394 migrants from a dangerously overcrowded wooden boat in the Mediterranean...
[France 24] 01/08/2021
US urges Tunisia to return to 'democratic path'
Tunisia should swiftly return to its 'democratic path', a top White House official has told President Kais Saied, days...
[News24] 01/08/2021
Egypt, Algeria foreign ministers meet in Cairo, discuss Tunisia crisis
"We are following with great interest what the Tunisian authority is doing in order to accomplish security, stability...
[Africanews] 01/08/2021
Tunisia: Sack of Parliament, PM Brews Crisis
[Daily Trust] Tunisia, a young democracy in a small North African country of 11million people has been plunged into a...
[AllAfrica] 01/08/2021
Tunisia reports 3,419 new COVID-19 cases
TUNIS, July 31 (Xinhua) -- Tunisian Health Ministry on Saturday reported 3,419 COVID-19 cases, raising the tally in the...
[The Africa news] 01/08/2021
In Tunis cafes, cynicism saps opposition to president's "power grab"
Many in the old city of Tunis have greeted the political situation in the country with mixed feelings, days after...
[Africanews] 31/07/2021
Tunisia: Critic of president, Parliamentarian Yassine Ayari arrested
Tunisian security forces on Friday arrested a member of parliament who condemned President Kais Saied’s power grab as...
[The North Africa Journal] 31/07/2021
Heroic welcome for Tunisia's 18 year old Olympic king Ahmed Hafnaoui
"When I saw the flag of my country being raised and I heard the national anthem I had tears in my eyes," he said...
[Africanews] 31/07/2021
Tunisian president says he will not become a dictator after MP arrest
Tunisia's president has promised he would not turn into a dictator and rejected accusations he had staged a coup, as two...
[News24] 31/07/2021
Tunisian president says he will not become a dictator after MP arrest
Tunisia President Kais Saied says he will not turn into a dictator.There are concerns following the suspension of...
[The Africa news] 31/07/2021
Tunisia: Turmoil Is Being Watched Warily Around the Globe
[VOA] Tunis, Tunisia -- Days of pRisk of new mass unrestolitical turmoil in Tunisia over a crippled economy and surging...
[AllAfrica] 31/07/2021
Tunisia's Turmoil is Being Watched Warily Around the Globe
TUNIS, TUNISIA - Days of political turmoil in Tunisia over a crippled economy and surging coronavirus infections have...
[The Africa news] 31/07/2021
Tunisia to reduce curfew hours as of August: official
TUNIS, July 30 (Xinhua) -- Tunisia announced on Friday that the curfew hours in the country will be shortened by three...
[The Africa news] 31/07/2021
Tunisian security forces arrest MP critical of President Saied’s ‘military coup’
Tunisian security forces on Friday arrested a member of parliament who condemned President Kais Saied's power grab as a...
[France 24] 30/07/2021
Tunisian protests, Asian floods, and the Refugee Convention at 70: The Cheat Sheet
A weekly read to keep you in the loop on humanitarian issues.
[IRIN] 30/07/2021
Blinken says Tunisian president promised 'democratic path'
The US Secretary of State has expressed concern about the political crisis in Tunisia after President Kais Saied...
[News24] 30/07/2021
Tunisia’s turmoil is being watched warily around the globe
Days of political turmoil in Tunisia over the economy and the coronavirus have left its allies in the Middle East,...
[Independent] 30/07/2021
Tunisian president names new security chief amid crisis
Tunisia’s president has named a new interior minister, in his first major appointment since he froze parliament and...
[Independent] 30/07/2021
Blinken says Tunisian president promised 'democratic path'
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Tunisia President Kais Saied promised a return to democracy.But he expressed...
[The Africa news] 30/07/2021
Podcast: Understanding Tunisia’s political crisis in ten minutes
There has been unusual interest in the west about the political crisis engulfing Tunisia this week. Naturally Tunisia...
[The North Africa Journal] 30/07/2021
Tunisian president asks former national security adviser to temporarily run interior ministry
Tunisian President Kais Saied on Thursday asked Ridha Gharsallaoui, a former national security adviser to the...
[France 24] 29/07/2021
Tunisian president pledges to protect freedoms
The political situation in Tunisia remains unsteady as President Kais Saied pledges to protect freedoms. We hear from...
[France 24] 29/07/2021
Tunisia: Weakened, Islamist leader Ghannouchi struggles to respond to presidential action
Tunisia’s Ghannouchi says he wants democracy By Caroline Nelly Perrot, AFP Tunisia’s parliament speaker Rached...
[The North Africa Journal] 29/07/2021
Tunisia President vows new war on corruption after seizing control
Kais Saied announced an anti-corruption drive on Wednesday, vowing to recover billions of euros from businessmen and...
[Africanews] 29/07/2021

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